Herbal medication has been used for thousands of years before prescription medication came into existence to treat various types of diseases and illnesses. Using natural substances such as herbs, fruits or even tincture (alcoholic extracts) it has been a way of life. But now when people speak about herbal medication they talk about them like there fads or call them an “alternative way of healing”. They (typically non-users) write them off as being substandard when it comes to modern medicine.

Many people that subscribe to living there life the natural way believe that these herbal medications are more effective at not only treating but preventing illnesses and preventing their negative long term effects. But the FDA doesn’t currently allow herbal medication to be classified as a medication or a drug. Manufactures have to classify them as a dietary supplement and they are not allowed to advertise what the healing benefits of each herb are.

The FDA along with the manufactures of these chemical drugs want you to believe that medications you purchase today were naturally derived from plants and animals. Sometimes this might be the case, but over time scientists came up with methods of chemically recreating these combinations so they could mass produce them without having to use plants or raise animals. Medications like this have evolved from natural cures to chemical copies. And many of these chemical medications aren’t as beneficial to you because some contain many side effects that either leave you with a drug dependency or damage body organs such as the liver. Also since prescription medicine has been altered and modified extensively, chances are it has lost most of the natural benefit that a natural plant would have provided because plants know how to naturally process ingredients better than any human can process them synthetically as well.

With popularity of herbal medications, many fear dishonest manufactures that take advantage of people by selling medication claiming to be natural but there really not. Instead of our government providing help to regulate the system, they instead block all natural remedies so you can’t even by many of the overseas medication which may be helpful in curing other diseases. They try everything they can to discourage natural remedies so they can steer people back to pharmaceutical corporations who are just looking to fill their pockets by selling you drugs that have vicious side effects.

Take for example, a particular medical condition that can be cured and prevented but you’re medical doctor will never tell you. Our example is about kidney stones. This is a very painful blockage of calcium solids that can get stuck in the kidneys. Most doctors would suggest a chemical medication or possible surgery or a blast method to break up the stones. This can be painful or even costly especially to someone who might not have good insurance or might not have any at all. But there is a natural method of reducing the size and eliminating the stone and all it takes is drinking lemon juice. Another method which is also herbal and has official recognition in Germany for its effectiveness in getting rid of kidney stones is goldenrod. Goldenrod is a great herbal medication to help urinary tract problems but it’s also not popular in the US. So this is a great example of a herbal method of treating an illness without needing to have a surgery to do so.

One thing to keep in mind over all is to always do the research when looking to take herbal medicine. In addition make sure to follow through with treatment and expect a slower effect as opposed to prescriptions. Check different brands and make sure the brand is good. And don’t just go with chemical medication because you listen to some negative topic from someone who hasn’t done any research themselves on natural medication. Many people who claim herbal medication isn’t safe are people who work in the chemical industry and are looking to just make more money off you. Stay well informed by doing your own research.